Player's wheel
is essentially the same as the well-known Big Wheel/Big Six (or Wheel of Fortune) game with the following four exceptions: (i) the use of a driving system (a motor, a gear box and a clutch) that engages itself to the wheel to spin it once a designated player pushes a button, (ii) the duration of the engagement is a random time (3.0 to 9.9 seconds) which is displayed once a push button is pressed, (iii) userís option for side (parlay) bets in addition to the regular betting areas of the game, and (iv) userís option for a bonus payout on the regular betting areas when the Joker or the casino Logo shows up.
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The majority of table games have one or more side bet options, such as Insurance, Match the Dealer, or Dragon Bonus.
TOTALUP is adding a side bet option to the Pai Gow games (cards or tiles). Patrons place a side bet on the outcome of 3 dice. These dice are used in the game to determine which position at the table gets the first set of cards or tiles. The use of the electronic Baby dice Shaker to shake the 3 dice, eliminates the possibility of outcome manipulation by the croupier or the players, and thus side bets can be introduced without risk to the casino. The following provides examples of side bets for any of these two games using the Baby Shaker.
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The game is essentially the same as the well-known Sic Bo game with the following two exceptions: (i) the use of an electronic dice shaker as the random output generator and (ii) the operation of the dice shaker by the players, instead of by the croupier.
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TOTALUP is expanding the application of its TOTALUP system into other games currently played in casinos and into other original and exciting games. TOTALUP is a trademark. All new games or variations of current games are patented or copyrighted.

The TOTALUP gaming system, using a ball blower, an electronic dice shaker, a slot (or video) machine, a motor or any other Random Output Generator, ROG, is protected by Canadian and US patents.

The Company Story ...

TOTALUP was founded in 1996 when it applied for trademarks, patents and copyrights to protect the various inventions. During the years 1997 to 2005, TOTALUP designed and developed its various products. TOTALUP manufactured its first game product in mid 2006, and up to end of 2008 has manufactured 12 more games, and up to the end of 2009 came with three more products.

What's New ...

  • Use of a Random Number Generator, RNG, in table games instead of dice, such as in Sic Bo and Craps.

  • Bonus Payout and Parlay Bets in the Big Wheel game.

  • Side bets in Pai Gow games.

  • STEP POKER, the TOTALUP way to play Poker, with a twist to provide more action and fun to the players.

  • BACCJACK, the TOTALUP way to play card games.

  • DICE WAR - the TOTALUP way to play DICE GAMES


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