“PLAYER’S WHEEL” is essentially the same as the well-known Big Wheel/Big Six (or Wheel of Fortune) game with the following four exceptions: (i) the use of a driving system (a motor, a gear box and a clutch) that engages itself to the wheel to spin it once a designated player pushes a button, (ii) the duration of the engagement is a random time (3.0 to 9.9 seconds) which is displayed once a push button is pressed, (iii) user’s option for side (parlay) bets in addition to the regular betting areas of the game, and (iv) user’s option for a bonus payout on the regular betting areas when the Joker or the casino Logo shows up.

The casino edge on the regular betting areas for the Big Six game, with and without the bonus payout, is shown. The payout and casino edge on the parlay bets are also shown. Parlay bets include three adjacent squares bearing a specific symbol. Players place their Parlay bets on any of the two side squares of a specific symbol. Players bet that a specific symbol will show twice in a row. If that symbol does not show on the first spin, all bets placed on that symbol are collected by the croupier. If that specific symbol shows on the first spin, the croupier moves all the bets from the two side squares to the center square. If that symbol does not show on the second spin, all bets moved are collected by the croupier. If that specific symbol also shows on the second spin, players are paid as shown.


The croupier, who controls the game, starts the game by allowing one of the players to push a button that engages the driving system to the wheel. A random time is displayed, and a count down takes place. Once it gets to zero, the system disengages itself from the wheel, which due to its momentum, continues to spin until it stops and the pointer will indicate the winning symbol. The wheel spins between 4 and 9 cycles with a total spinning time between 7 and 14 seconds. After each operation of the motor and the spin of the wheel, and after bets are settled and new bets are placed, the croupier allows another player to push a button to spin the wheel.





PLAYER’S WHEEL has the following advantages on the Big Wheel game:

  • The direct and active involvement of the players in the PLAYER’S WHEEL allows the players rather than the croupier to launch the play and to assess the result of their own bets.

  • The inclusion of the driving system provides an efficient tool to ensure that the outcome of the PLAYER’S WHEEL is random and cannot be manipulated.

  • Since the system and the ROG are closed and secured, PLAYER’S WHEEL increases the level of security to the casino.

  • Since the wheel is spun by a motor rather than manually by the croupier, PLAYER’S WHEEL eliminates the stress and health concerns potentially imposed on the croupier who deals the Big wheel.

  • The inclusions of the Bonus Payout and the parlay bets increase the betting options available to the players and provide them with higher payouts.

  • The inclusion of the Outcome Display Sign that provides the last 16 winning symbols, attracts immediate attention from the floor, and encourages players to place a wager.





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