The game is essentially the same as the well-known Sic Bo game with the following two exceptions:

  • the use of an electronic dice shaker as the random output generator

  • the operation of the dice shaker by the players, instead of by the croupier.

The croupier starts the game by allowing one of the players to operate the dice shaker. After a pre-determined shaking time of the shaker, typically 6 seconds, the dice shaker shuts off and the dice display 3 numbers from 1 to 6. The croupier then enter the three displayed numbers into the Light Control Unit (LCU) to lit the lights of the winning betting areas. After each operation of the dice shaker the croupier collects the loosing bets and pay the winning bets. After bets are settled and new bets are placed, the croupier allows another player to operate the dice shaker. Players get their turn to operate the dice shaker. Rules, statistics, payouts and casino advantage are exactly those of the Sic Bo game.


U Shake Bo has the following advantages on Sic Bo:

  • Due to the direct and active involvement of the players in the game, U Shake Bo is more attractive to gamblers than Sic Bo, since it allows the players rather than the croupier to launch the play and to assess the result of their own bets.

  • U Shake Bo has a potential to attract new players to the gambling world due to the use of a beautifully designed electronic dice shaker displayed in the center of the table. The fun, pleasure and excitement during the operation of the dice shaker will potentially attract the general crowd to the game.

  • Since the system and the ROG are closed and secured, U Shake Bo increases the level of security to the casino.

  • Since the players press a button to operate the shaker, and since the outcome is displayed in 5 seconds after the shaker operation, the pace of the game is increased.



SIC BO done better! With U SHAKE BO, you get to initiate the movement of the dice. Every other component of Sic Bo is identical, except you now get to participate.




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