TOTALUP has introduced a complete series of table games, each with a unique, novice, and friendly twist. A random Output Generator (ROG), being a dice shaker, a keno-style ball blower, a wheel or a slot/video machine, decides the winners and losers on each of these Games. The ROG is operated in turn by players at the table, by pressing a button at each station on the rail.

TOTALUP is introducing side wagers to two existing card games; NINE and NINES to Baccarat, and 2021 to Blackjack. These wagers could easily be integrated into a progressive system.

TOTALUP is also introducing three new card games associated with a bonus wager integrated into a progressive system; STEP POKER associated with STEP 4 and STEP 5, JACKARAT with 2021, and BACCJACK with NINES.

TOTALUP is also introducing a new game using the alphabetic letters, WORDY.

The following games will also be implemented into electronic slot/video machines; STEP POKER, 2021, NINE & NINES, and WORDY.