TOTALUP is adding 3 independent side bets without making any change to the game itself; STRICE side bet, BEST 5 CARDS side bet and the COMBO  side bet.  Patrons may place a wager on any one, two or all the three proposed side bets. There are no limits (but the posted table limits) on all the 3 side bets.

The STRICE side bet is on the outcome of 3 dice.

The 5 BEST CARD side bet, depends only on the best possible 5-card hand that can be made from the player’s 7 cards, independent of which 5-card hand the player actually selects to be compared with the dealer’s hand.

The COMBO side bet depends on the dice outcome and the 5 best card hand.

At the start of the game, players place a main wager and 1, 2 or 3, if any, side bets. A designated player or the dealer activates the Baby or Regular automated dice shaker. If the outcome of the 3 dice is a straight or a triple, dealer pays the STRICE side bet according to the payout table, otherwise, dealer collects the STRICE side bet. If the outcome is less than a pair (not a straight or “NO PAIR’), then dealer collects the COMBO side bet as well, if any.

Cards are dealt to the players and to the dealer and the PaiGow game is conventionally conducted, using the total of the 3 dice. After the main wager is settled, the “ BEST 5 CARDS” and the “COMBO” side bet are settled respectively in accordance to the  payout tables.

A new round of game begins.